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About Checkpcidss.com

Checkpcidss.com does what the name suggest. It is an online application for scanning your website/server against PCI DSS security compliance. It is developed in Python using network socket programming. Checkpcidss.com won't scan all ports in your server.This will support almost all web hosting servers. It have some predefined services and ports, which will scan and show the critical results. So you can scan your website/server without much firewall issue.

How it will help the shopping cart/website owners or sellers?

You can check your website and confirm whether it is secured against PCI DSS compliance. This will give much confidence and security in your online transaction.

How it will help a buyer ?

If you are going to purchase a product from an online shop, you can check that those website have PCI security and your credit card processing is secured. So you can trust your transactions . Even if the shopping cart is ssl protected , there are chances to get vulnerabilities inside SSL like anonymous authentication. So "Prevention is better than Cure"

Checkpcidss.com is still under development and it will review the features regularly and update continuously. This is a free service. You can request feature requests and online support from our community page. It will help us to improve checkpcidss.com